How Technology Is Changing Artisan Handmade Jewelry

Laser cutting technology


Lasers are useful for cutting, welding and decorating jewelry, and can make the process faster and more efficient. This production efficiency has led to companies selling vast amounts of identical pieces of jewelry. 


Laser cutting has made way for fashion jewelry, a term that represents the fads and trends of popular jewelry pieces. This kind of jewelry is usually sold at mid-range prices, so they are to be deemed desirable but not out of reach. 


Compared to handmade jewelry, fashion jewelry can make us feel more trendy or relevant. But as with all trends, they pass. Handmade jewelry will always remain unique to you; its sentimental value is weightier than high street jewelry, and it makes for a unique gift or heirloom.


Wearable Technology


There is no denying that technology makes our lives a lot easier. But it hasn’t made it easy for the jewelry industry, particularly for handmade jewelry sold by small businesses. 


As technology becomes increasingly inseparable from day-to-day living, the rise of hand-held and wearable technology is gradually replacing notification-less accessories. 


Technology companies have recognized that for their products to be carried with us everywhere, our style must be able to incorporate them. For this reason, tech companies design customizable products that come in a range of colors, shapes and designs. Because of this, technology can express our identity in a similar way to clothes and jewelry. 


Wearable technology can range from watches to glasses, to fitness trackers and trainer sensors. 


You will find that wearable tech and jewelry share some of the same surface values; they are there to represent our look and make us feel presentable. However, there is a crucial difference; the purpose of wearable tech is primarily to keep you connected with everyone else, while artisan jewelry simply connects you to you.


I think we can all agree there needs to be a switch off, a put-down-the-phone moment, as we go about our lives. There’s a world around us waiting to be experienced in the moment, not through an Instagram story or Facebook update. Handmade artisan jewelry only acts as an extension of ourselves, not a distraction from it.


If you need reminding, here are the simple pleasures handmade jewelry brings:


  • Sentimental value.
  • Uniqueness and variety in style.
  • Spiritual or religious significance.
  • The healing powers of gemstone jewelry, which are mentioned further down this article.


As mentioned before, technology has enabled the mass-production of jewelry so that originality is difficult to find. Wearable tech only perpetuates this problem, as the diversity of products is limited.


It’s possible to feel as if the jewelry is functional, rather than a form of expression. However, artisan jewelry is the key to unlocking your individuality, and a love and appreciation for what you buy.


When we consider the time and effort it takes to create handmade jewelry, the pieces – whether that’s a ring, necklace or a pair of earrings – become that much more precious. 


Consider a piece of jewelry you own that you bought from a chain-store, would you feel as bad losing it compared to jewelry that was handcrafted especially for you? Probably not. 


Changing the shopping experience


Most jewelry stores now have online sites. The positives of this are busy shoppers don’t have to make a trip to town, or they can purchase from international stores or ones that are difficult to visit in person.


However, many artisan handmade jewelry makers would struggle to get the same volume of online customers compared to more prominent brands. Etsy is a good start for small businesses, but it cannot fully represent the uniqueness and care that goes into making artisan jewelry. 


Online consumerism has opened up many doors to jewelry sellers, but it is worth remembering to perhaps search the web a little longer before resorting to well-known jewelry brands, as artisan jewelers may offer just the piece you have in mind.


For instance, gemstone jewelry used in designs by artisan jewelers can have numerous benefits. It can bring us good luck or make us feel empowered. Plus, different gemstones have different benefits.


Here’s a list of some gemstones and their powers:


  • Amethyst - promotes spirituality and grounding, relieves trauma.
  • Aquamarine - for guidance, self-love, and acceptance, dispels nerves.
  • Diamonds - for bonding people together, brings emotional and mental clarity.
  • Emerald - enhances intuition and wisdom, releases heavy emotions.
  • Opal - promotes freeing energy and the ability to let go.
  • Pearl - amplifies honesty and openness. 
  • Ruby - boosts energy and courage, has aphrodisiac qualities. 
  • Topaz - promotes balance, good health, and honesty.
  • Tourmaline - encourages self-love and acceptance. 


Pearl Jewelry

With that in mind, the powers of these gemstones may feel more authentic if they are part of handmade jewelry.


3D printing technology


3D printing technology allows for faster production times, easier corrections and even greater attention to detail. With this technology, the design process can involve the customer in the creation of their product. In some ways, this customizable aspect is appealing.


However, this method enables the jewelry to be sold at a much lower price. For this reason, we may begin to see jewelry as just another cog in the wheel of fast-fashion, quickly accumulated and even more easily sold on or worse – discarded. But hopefully not.


3D printing uses innovative techniques like Lost-Wax Printing, which have allowed the manufacturers to create jewelry in brass, silver, bronze, gold, and copper.


All in all, technology has improved the functionality and accessibility of jewelry, like it does most things. Due to this, we may start valuing jewelry for different reasons. You could see artisan, handmade jewelry as outdated or purposeless. At the same time, many will see technologically improved or wearable tech as trendier, or another way to enhance our busy lifestyles.


However, it is good to remind ourselves of the sentimental value of artisan jewelry. It is personal and unique, and it is created with extreme care.  Shop Sitara Collections for a wide range of fashionable and handmade jewelry.


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