How to Choose an Anniversary Gift for Your Girlfriend or Wife

Everybody knows that jewelry is the perfect gift for a girlfriend on their anniversary. But what type of jewelry should you buy? What does it mean to get her a pearl necklace? Diamond earrings? These are all great questions, and I'll answer them one by one.


The first question is: what type of jewelry should you buy her at all? That's an easy question to answer; any girl would love getting anything from diamonds or pearls to gold rings or necklaces with gemstones in them. When buying your girlfriend something like this, make sure it's not too expensive because if she doesn't like the gift, it will be wasted money.


What is your girlfriend's favorite color and gemstone, if any?

What is your girlfriends favorite color? 

Something that plays a significant role when the husband comes to choose the best anniversary gift for wife is the color and meaning behind the romantic gift itself. There's a gemstone for each month of the year, so you can choose the piece of jewelry that represents the month your partner was born.


If you're not familiar with birthstones and their coinciding months, see below:


January = Red Garnet Stone

July = Red Ruby

February = Purple Amethyst

August = Peridot

March = Aquamarine Stone

September = Blue Sapphire

April = Diamond

October = Opal

May = Green Emerald

November = Citrine

June = Pearl

December = Turquoise


Often, diamonds represent a considerable commitment in a relationship, primarily used as the ring for marriage. A very exciting relationship milestone is the 40th wedding anniversary -usually marked with a Ruby to boast significance on a beautiful, momentous occasion.


Something else that you must take into consideration when looking for the best anniversary gifts for girlfriends or wives is the color. Are you looking for her favorite color?


Here at Sitara Collections, our jewelry comes in a plethora of colors for you to choose from. Let's take a look at a couple!


  • Purple - A color that flatters almost every skin tone out there, and compliments various styles of clothing. Purple is a color that radiates charm, and draws attention to natural beauty.


  • Blue - The color blue is usually worn in a formal or business setting. Blue jewelry is said to represent trustworthiness and loyalty in a long-term relationship.


  • Green - Ah, green -it boasts so many shades! You have your shades of emerald, mint, jade, and even neon. If your wife or girlfriend is in love with nature, or cherishes calm, serenity, and down-to-earth traits, then this color is perfect. Green gemstones are typically worn with contrasting outfit colors like white, copper, black, gold, or brown.


  • Red - Such an eye-capturing color. There's something about the color red that just attracts attention and makes it stand out. Typically, red is used to signify passion, romance, and love. Red gemstones naturally compliment dark grey or white outfits.


  • Pink - The color pink is highly versatile. Your wife or girlfriend can not only wear this with a wide range of colors, but also styles. This feminine, delicate color can be worn with anything - from a t-shirt and jeans, to fancy formal wear. Pink is said to symbolize affection, harmony, friendship, inner peace, kindness, and support.


Do you want to get her a piece of jewelry that she can wear every day or something more special for the anniversary?

How to Choose an Anniversary Gift for Your Girlfriend or Wife


Another question to ask yourself when looking for anniversary ideas for wife or girlfriends is; are you looking for something special, or something for her every day?


If you're on the lookout for a romantic gift that fits in perfectly with any everyday outfit, check out our Sisters Vermeil Chrysoprase Dangle Earrings. They boast sterling silver, and are handmade with love.


If that wasn't special enough, you can also check out our wide range of bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Just some of our best sellers for romantic gifts are:



All that you see above and more work as really amazing anniversary gifts for girlfriends and wives.



How much money are you willing to spend on this gift?


At the end of the day, it's not about how much you spend on the anniversary gift; it's the thought behind it that counts. Whether you want to spend big or you're on a budget, we have something to suit every style, budget, and situation here at Sitara.


Earrings - Gemstone earrings strike the perfect balance between haute couture and classic designs that work as well with blue jeans as they do with the fanciest dress in your closet. We feature semi-precious gems in our unique handmade earrings, and they come in styles from stud to drop earrings, so you'll always find the perfect accent. 


Bracelets - From polished metals treated to preserve their luster to colorful ropes of gemstones, Sitara bracelets are guaranteed to be striking. There's no shortage of classic shapes and materials, though you may not be able to resist the siren song of our more exotic pieces.


Necklaces - One look, and you'll agree that our handmade gemstone necklaces are anything but ordinary. Each piece is created by Global artisans renowned for their artistry and inspired by the rich colors and textures surrounding them. The result is nothing short of dazzling.


Rings - From subtle to outrageous, our line of stunning handmade gemstone rings has something to fit your every mood. These original, eye-catching pieces offer spectacular craftsmanship and top-quality materials to ensure your favorite rings will retain their splendor for years.


What kind of style do you think she would like best? (Classic, modern, boho, etc.)

How to Choose an Anniversary Gift for Your Girlfriend or Wife  

Do you know your wife's or girlfriend's style? Does she rock the classic boho look? Is she more modern? What is her everyday wardrobe go to?


If you're not sure what the best anniversary gift for wife is, see below for our recommendations on each style:








Would she prefer a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or ring as an anniversary present?


As we have outlined many times above, we have a beautiful piece for every beautiful woman out there. If you're looking for anniversary gifts for girlfriends or wives, then you'll be able to find many variations of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings right here at Sitara Collections.


If it's not too late already, what was her favorite gift from last year, and why did she love it so much?


Think about this one deeply. Consider last year's anniversary gift and her reaction, maybe even think about the previous years before that too. Then, compile all of this information into the perfect romantic gift.

Does your girlfriend have any allergies or sensitivities to certain metals such as gold or silver that should be taken into consideration before choosing a jewelry item for her?


You don't want all of your efforts to go to waste. Or, even worse, you don't want to put your girlfriend or wife in hospital on such a special day due to an allergic reaction. Ensure you consider this before choosing her jewelry anniversary gift.


Is there anything else about your girlfriend that might help in deciding which type of jewelry would make the perfect anniversary gift for her?


Some final thoughts, think about her favorite things! What does she love to do? Where do her passions lie? Again, compile all of this information to give your special someone the best anniversary gift your wife or girlfriend could ask for.


Looking for Beautiful Jewelry?


You've come to the right place. Sitara Collections offer a huge selection of artisan handmade gemstone jewelry in all shapes and sizes, so you can find that perfect piece for your girlfriend's anniversary gift. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help match just the right style with her personality or favorite gemstone.


If you want to get something she will enjoy wearing every day as well as on special occasions, our line of semi-precious fashion jewelry is an excellent choice! Let us know what we can do for you today - give us a call at (917) 575-0467 or email us.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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