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How To Get The Most Out Of June's Strawberry Moon

How To Get The Most Out of the June 21st Strawberry Moon

On Thursday, June 21st, the strawberry moon will be in full sight across the world. Although it will not be red, this full moon will appear large and bright as it rises from the eastern horizon. The strawberry moon will be golden in color, but it will not look like a strawberry! In fact, the strawberry moon will probably not be red at all, and it will be far from being pink or red.

The strawberry moon is a time when the energy of the full moon is strongest. This means that it is a great time to do things that make you happy, connect with loved ones, and relax. Jewels are especially favored during the strawberry moon because they can amplify the energy of the moon and make you feel beautiful and empowered.

If you're looking for something special to add to your jewelry collection this June, consider rainbow moonstone. This beautiful stone has different colors running through it like a rainbow, making it an excellent choice for jewelry during the strawberry moon. Rainbow moonstone is also thought to be protective, so it makes a great addition to your jewelry stash if you're feeling anxious or vulnerable in any way.

rainbow moonstone jewelry


There are a few other things you can do to harness the Strawberry Moon's energy and that is to make your own jewelry! Crafting with natural materials like stones and metals brings out the vibrant colors in a way that electronics cannot. Rainbow moonstone is a great choice for this, as it reflects all colors of the spectrum. You can even experiment with mixing different types of stones together to create unique effects.

Planting Moon

The Full Strawberry in June and coincides with the summer solstice. Native American tribes used the Strawberry Moon to signal ripe fruit for harvesting. The name is taken from the short harvest season for strawberries in the northeastern United States. This month was once called the Spring Full Moon, but has been replaced by the Full Strawberry Moon. 

harvesting strawberries at the Strawberry full Moon

Enjoying the Strawberry Full Moon

The best way to enjoy a Strawberry Full Moon is by spending time with those you love, doing something you love (even if it's just taking a quick walk), and indulging in some strawberry flavored treats!

strawberry flavored treats


Manifesting the Strawberry Full Moon with a Ritual

Another way to take advantage of the Strawberry Moon's energy is to perform a ritual. The light from the Moon has a calming effect, which can help you clear your mind and help you focus on your goals. If you're feeling anxious or stressed, taking some time out to relax will help restore balance.

Make your goddess moon ritual using a candle, crystals and other objects that you have will inspire the practice of your spirituality. We invite you to be in touch with the love and infinite power of the Universe to honor your deepest feelings. Use it to make a simple, meaningful ritual to harness the power of the moon and bring your most cherished desires into reality.

If you're new to Moon rituals, make sure you clean your space with sea salt or a shower. It's also important to make the ritual space sacred by burning sage, an herb used to purify and clear the space. Light the end of the sage and blow on it until it has a smouldering glow. 

Before beginning a moon ritual, ask yourself why you're performing it. If you're looking to reclaim your creative power for instance, you may want to create a detailed vision to guide you in making your wishes manifested. Setting a sacred space is especially important during this lunar cycle. Make sure your space is free of all clutter. 

When the moon is full, you can walk under its glow. The soft glow of the full Moon can fill you with a calm, rejuvenating feeling. Take your time and tune into the sounds and effects of the night and the Moon. Pay attention to the sound and smell of the night and listen to the moon's gentle, meditative energy. You'll be surprised by how easily you'll feel rejuvenated and renewed.

Light Your Candle

Lighting a candle creates a sacred space to send your wishes towards the Universe.  Be in a quiet space and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself.

manifesting the full moon - lighting a candle

Writing Your Thoughts and Dreams Down in A Journal

If you're ready to write, take a moment and write down your thoughts, dreams, desires in your Journal.  

We hope this has provided you with some ideas to harvest and manifest your intentions on this full moon.

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