How To Pick The Perfect Jewelry

Accessories allow you to make each outfit your own to mix and match your capsule wardrobe, elevate your dressed-down looks, and complement your formal wear. While accessories play an important role in creating your signature style you don’t want to invest in items you won’t wear. Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect jewelry for every occasion.


Shopping Trends


While trends in clothing are more apparent there are always a few jewelry trends that come and go. Since you may only wear each item while it’s in style, or during the appropriate season, you must be selective. For example, you might love your oversized hoops, tropical vacation-only jewelry, or the current trend in resin jewelry—but limit yourself to only a few trendy items per season.


Daily Jewelry


Your daily jewelry selections will depend on your personal style. This might be items you wear every day without exception such as your wedding ring or heirloom necklace, or items that you wear regularly like your birthstone jewelry. Even if you prefer the classics aim to have at least one or two handmade jewelry selections.


Statement Jewelry


Statement jewelry differs from trending jewelry as the goal is to select items that you can wear over and over again. You might not wear your statement items more than a few times a month, or a few times a year—but they are the standout investments that become the focal point of your outfit. For example, you can wear the same little black dress a million different ways by mixing up your statement jewelry and accessories.


Jewelry To Define Your Style


When it comes to what you wear to work, school, date night, or formal occasions you want to have a solid selection to choose from. Beyond trends, build your jewelry collection by finding unique pieces that look and feel like you. Shop your local designers, while traveling, and find a few online retailers for handmade gemstone jewelry that will quickly become a timeless addition to your collection. Aim for a mix of neutrals like a pair of rainbow moonstone earrings and colorful items that you can match or contrast with your outfit.


Have Fun With Your Accessories


Beyond trends, select at least a few items here and there that are for pure fun. Beaded earrings wrap necklaces, colorful layering bracelets, leather cuffs, style-specific items, outfit-specific items, or anything you see that makes you smile.


Jewelry With Meaning


One of the things we love most about Sitara Collections is that our selections are both decorative and purposeful. Our entire collection is designed to be a stunning addition to your wardrobe, while delivering the healing energy associated with each raw gemstone. Although you may be drawn to a particular color or style you may also be gravitating toward a stone that gives off energy you need or enhances energy you already possess.


  • Jade is a beautiful shade of green, which also promotes peace, balance, and joy
  • You might love the deep red of carnelian, but it also provides clarity and motivation
  • Labradorite complements anything you wear, and stimulates your intuition
  • You may be drawn to black, blue, or green onyx, but it also absorbs negative energy


When shopping Sitara Collections, keep in mind that the handcrafted touch of artisan skill creates variations in color, size, and design. If buying two of the same item, slight differences should be expected.


Shopping For Gifts


If you are shopping for someone who also loves fashion jewelry is the perfect gift! From healing gifts as mentioned above to birthstone jewelry, and splurge items they might not invest in for themselves. If you know the person you are shopping for well, select items in colors and styles you know they love. If you don’t know the person you are shopping for very well invest in neutrals and classic items that never go out of style—like bangle bracelets.


If you are looking for something stunning and unique, we invite you to browse the handmade gemstone jewelry at Sitara Collections!



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