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March Birthstones | Sitara Jewelry

March Birthstones

Aquamarine Gemstones

For people who were born in March, there are two birthstones which are associated with this lovely, relatively warm month; the bloodstone and the aquamarine. These two stones are different in terms of appearance but share the same symbolic meaning, that of the preservation and enhancement of the wearer’s health.

Aquamarine is the more famous of the two birthstones associated with people who were born in the month of March. The stones are known to have special powers which provide the wearer with healing powers. Aquamarine jewelry may be bought for any occasion, but when bought for someone who was born in the month of March either to celebrate their birthday of rekindle a romantic fire, they have a deeper meaning. March birthstones are known for their beauty, and the range of colors that communicate peace, tranquility and love.

Bloodstone is sometimes considered the alternative March birthstone, since it a Zodiac stone. The birthstone is dark colored with red spots. It derives its name from an ancient belief which has a religious connotation. The blood of Christ which was spilled upon crucifixion landed on green jasper. It is for this reason that the birthstone is also called the martyr’s stone. It is mainly mined in places such the United States, Brazil, Australia and Uruguay. It comes off as an ideal stone for carving beads and other items which symbolize courage.

Just like diamonds or any other jewelry, aquamarine jewelry is judged by their color, weight, lines of cut and clarity.

How to buy aquamarine birthstones

For those who may be buying an aquamarine birthstone for the first time, there might be challenges, especially in getting a quality healing gemstone, something that will give the desired results as well as help in expressing love and gratitude.

The first step to buying quality aquamarine jewelry is to pick a jeweler. The jeweler will not only help you in purchasing what you want but also assist in the areas where you may have questions or need clarifications. If you are not very familiar with these qualities seek the assistance of a jeweler, he or she will be willing to guide you in buying the best March Birthstone for yourself or your loved one.

The next thing to look at is the cut. Aquamarines can be light colored but at times they can also be colorless. It is important to note the stone’s cut is very important as far as appearance is concerned. While you can select a color that appeals to you, light colors are known to be less valuable when compared to deeper colors, specifically blue or blue green.

Aquamarines belong to the same group as Morganite and emerald. However, it is different from emerald. Emerald has some traces of vanadium while aquamarine derives its color from iron. When it comes to gravity, a refractive index, the stones take a different shape where emeralds tend to be hazy as well as included. Aquamarine on the other hand, comes with an excellent clarity and transparency. Beryl’s, the other member of the family, are regarded as delicate, whereas emerald are oiled, perfect to fill any cracks as well as improving the color, Aquamarine does not need such treatment and comes off as the perfect stone for different kinds of jewelry , rings included. If you are looking to reduce the level of yellow or green in the stones, treating with low temperature yields perfect results.

After you are satisfied with the color and cut, the next thing to look at is the aquamarine’s clarity. Most March birthstones or cut gemstones in general, rarely have marks which are visible to the naked eye. It’s also important to note that some rarer and more expensive healing gemstones do not have inclusions.

While you may not be in the crown jewels category, smaller healing gemstones will give you what you need; the symbolism and sentiment will be well represented.  Shop Sitara Collections for our handmade aquamarine jewelry.

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