Rainbow Moonstone is our Gemstone of the Month

Rainbow Moonstone is our Gemstone of the Month


This beautiful planet we live on is full of mystery and wonder, and today, we want to talk about a unique slice of that mystery -our Gemstone of the Month - the Rainbow Moonstone.


If you're on the lookout for balance, a chance to deepen your meditation practice, or some extra luck in troublesome times, the Rainbow Moonstone may be a divine fit. Not only can its moonstone meaning assist you with intuition and insight, but amongst the world of other benefits, our gemstone of the month is also able to guide you through your journey of self-discovery.


The Rainbow Moonstone is amongst the world's most beautiful gemstones; it's ingrained within our antiquity -and now, it's going to be part of your history.


Ready to learn everything there is to know about the Rainbow Moonstone? Excellent! Let's get started! 


What is the Rainbow Moonstone


The Rainbow Moonstone is a transparent Labradorite -a closely related feldspar mineral with a sheen in various lustrous colors. Although not "technically" a moonstone, it boasts enough similarities that many have accepted this gemstone in its own right. So much so, that in today's world, some prefer it to a traditional moonstone.


Rainbow Moonstone meaning boasts magnetic vibrations as it works to align our chakras to provide our energy with a chance to flow freely. It's a very soothing stone, one that makes you feel calm and relaxed.


Many have established the Rainbow Moonstone as their powerful ally as it helps them to maintain clarity, while shielding the aura from negative vibrations.


History of the Rainbow Moonstone


Like various origin stories of precious objects, the ancient tales that surround Rainbow Moonstone's meaning begin with a link to our natural world.


"Rainbow moonstone is a type of labradorite, which is also known as the 'gem of intuition'. It's said to bring good luck and protection from evil spirits. Shamans have used the stone for centuries in order to connect with their spiritual guides."


Moonstone jewelry, like Rainbow Moonstone earrings, and Rainbow Moonstone bracelets, go all the way back to ancient civilizations. The Romans believed that the Moonstone was born from solidified rays of the moon, and the Greeks joined them in welcoming the Moonstone to their lunar Gods.


Throughout the Art Nouveau period in the early 20th century, the Rainbow Moonstone became popular with both artists and goldsmiths alike when it came to creating beautiful jewelry.


In today's world, you can wear Rainbow Moonstones in different types of jewelry: including rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets - you just need to style them according to your outfit or other accessories.


Properties of the Rainbow Moonstone


This incredible stone has many healing properties that are said to be able to lift one's mood, increase optimism and self-esteem, and help with creativity. The exquisite gemstone is also known for its ability to aid in sleep disorders and promote vivid dreaming.


Known for its ability to soothe emotional pain, this stone is perfect for those days where you're feeling down or anxious. It is a very calming gemstone that can be used in meditation and during prayer, as well as when focusing on creative projects. In addition, it can also help with negative self-talk and promote self-confidence and inner strength.


Rainbow Moonstone is also excellent for creativity, which is why we're going to be featuring some beautiful jewelry pieces from sitarajewelry.com!


Rainbow Moonstone Products


Rainbow Moonstone can often be distinguished by its characteristic adularescence, which appears as an intrinsic light source. It can be characterized from the original Moonstone by its higher refractive index and greater specific gravity.


You can frequently find Rainbow Moonstone deposits around Canada, Australia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Russia, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and the USA.


If you want to save yourself the trouble though, you can find them right here at Sitara Collections. We have various types of beautiful Rainbow Moonstone jewelry. You can discover Rainbow Moonstone earrings, and Rainbow Moonstone bracelets, along with captivating necklaces and rings.


Make Rainbow Moonstone a Part of Your Everyday Look


Rainbow Moonstone jewelry is extremely striking -and it's all due to the mysterious shimmer that appears to emanate from inside the stone.


If you're looking to reap the rewards from this stone within your everyday look, you can try it out with some gorgeous funky tribal styles. Also, it's the perfect stone if you're looking to incorporate it into both vintage and modern styles.


For the ultimate styling tips with our different types of jewelry, check out or below recommendations.


Rainbow Moonstone Necklace


Urmi Gemstone Necklace

Urmi Rainbow Moonstone Necklace - Gemstone of the Month 

The sun's radiance is the inspiration behind this glam pendant, which lights up every room you walk into. A round gemstone, perfectly polished and offered in a rainbow of colors, forms the heart of the design, with a silver teardrop-and-bead halo completing a solar motif.


The Rainbow Moonstone necklace has a high degree of blue flash or nature fire to it, and is very pleasing to the eye!

Saanvi Gemstone Necklace

Saanvi Rainbow Moonstone Necklace of the Month 

Rich color and heirloom-quality craftsmanship are the hallmarks of this pendant. Our eye-catching design starts with a beautiful center gemstone, expertly faceted into an oval shape.


A smaller matching stone and finely detailed sterling silver add to the understated glamour of the piece. The Rainbow Moonstone necklace has a high degree of blue flash or natural fire in it, and is very pleasing to the eye. 


Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

 BellaRainbow Moonstone Earrings

Bella Rainbow Moonstone Earrings of the Month 

Add a little unexpected sparkle to your look with the Bella Rainbow Moonstone earrings. Inspired by nature, each piece is semi-precious and ethically sourced. The Bella collection features a natural gemstone nugget on a simple gold hoop.


Add this intention-setting stone to your collection for a look that's both classic and meaningful. 


LotusRainbow Moonstone Earrings  - Sterling Silver

Earrings - Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone of the Month 

Bring the moon to you with earrings that reflect moonlight, starlight, and sunbeams. Lotus is the delicate flower that opens its heart to the sun, and you’re sure to feel your heart open when you wear this elegant pair of earrings. These beautiful rainbow moonstone earrings hang below a sterling silver lotus leaf, set in gleaming sterling silver.


Rainbow Moonstone Rings

Rainbow Moonstone Cushion Ring

Rainbow Moonstone Cushion Ring - Gemstone of the Month 

Add a meaningful touch to your jewelry collection with a Rainbow Moonstone cushion ring. The Sitara Rainbow Moonstone collection is designed to look effortlessly classic and glamorous. Made with quality materials, it can be worn alone or mixed to create an individual, meaningful look.


The Rainbow Moonstone cushion ring boasts its own unique and precious Rainbow Moonstone, offering an intimate look into the natural beauty of the earth.


Rainbow Moonstone Two Tone Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver 


Crafted with two metallic shades in one spectacular piece, this intricately worked cuff is a standout addition to your wardrobe.


Its dual-toned centerpiece is further enhanced by a round-cut Rainbow Moonstone, an iridescent gem that dances in the light and casts gorgeous colors with every move of your wrist.


Stones Similar to the Rainbow Moonstone


It's clear just how incredible the Rainbow Moonstone is; however, it sometimes doesn't meet the requirements of some. If you're looking for something similar, or maybe even something to compliment your new Rainbow Moonstone jewelry, there are other options:


  • Amethyst - Wearing Amethyst alone or with the Rainbow Moonstone tends to detoxify the body. In addition to this, it has also been known to align third eye chakras with the crown to open up your spirit to new dimensions.


  • Alexandrite - Wearing Alexandrite with Rainbow Moonstone, or alone, helps lessen the impact of emotional burdens, ultimately making it easier to let go. In addition, it has been granted the spiritual energies as encouraging ones to communicate and relate to others more efficiently, as well as helping one to have greater acceptance about their own emotions.


  • Labradorite - Wearing Labradorite with Moonstone helps you to manifest your intention of having a lightning strike sensation. It heightens your psychic ability, aligns you with spirit, and also channels higher cosmic intelligence.


  • Turquoise - Wearing Turquoise with Moonstone is an eye-catching combination. It combines the power of vibrant blue turquoise with dynamic Moonstone. Wearing this shimmering combination helps you see into the future, increases your confidence, and brings you peace of mind.


Final Thoughts


Rainbow Moonstone is a gorgeous gemstone that can be worn as jewelry, and even used in crystal therapy. Our gemstone of the month has been around for centuries, and its history and spiritual meaning make it one of the most powerful stones out there!


Whether you want to buy this stone or find it in nature near you, we have tons of different options available on our site so take some time to browse through them all until you find your perfect fit.


If you want one but don't know where to find it naturally, SitaraJewelry.com offers many beautiful pieces that are affordable enough so they won't break the bank!

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