Rules of Thumb for Accessorizing in the Workplace with Sitara Jewelry

Wearing handmade gemstone jewelry is an easy way to accessorize for the workplace. It also helps to support those who want to share their creativity and passion with the world. Sitara Collections contracts with highly skilled Indian artisans who are paid fairly for their remarkable designs and we donate a portion of our net proceeds to the HelpingChildren, which is currently supporting the SVV School in India. It’s our way of putting a little love and equality into every purchase.

Half of the battle is having the right things in the office!

Women face an uphill battle when it comes to fashion in the workplace. We want to look sexy, but also know that it’s important to appear professional and conservative. This often leads to some confusion surrounding how to properly accessorize outfits.

5 Rules of Thumb for Accessorizing

Getting dressed for work can sometimes feel like a daily challenge with a pass or fail grade. Wear something too bland and you’ll be another “Plain Jane” at the office. But wear something too different and you’ll send the wrong statement.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be challenging to get dressed in the morning. Stick with simple and conservative for the staple elements, but then have a little fun with accessories. The right accessories can take an average outfit and make it stunning.

But you’ll want to keep the following rules of thumb in mind.

Less is More

The number one rule of thumb for accessorizing in the workplace is that less is more. The last thing you want is to draw too much attention to yourself. Stick with just a couple elements and you’ll make a powerful statement without overwhelming people.

Statement Pieces Have a Time and Place

A lot of women stay away from statement pieces in the workplace, but don’t be so quick to discount a nice piece just because it stands out. Take a classy cocktail ring as an example.

“Every jewelry collection needs at least one cocktail ring,” The staff at Estate Diamond Jewelry believes. “Once reserved strictly for formal events, gaudy gemstone cocktail rings have become a popular fashion statement that pays tribute to a bygone era. Equally at home paired with a black dress or a pair of jeans, cocktail rings are surprisingly versatile.”

A nice statement necklace can also do wonders for a simple blouse or classy pantsuit. The key is to stick with a simple outfit and let the statement piece do the talking.

Be Careful With Wrist Adornments

When getting dressed, a big bangle or large cuff may look great – but you have to think about things from a functional perspective. Large bracelets hinder your arm movement and make a racket when typing and doing other basic work functions. Think about this and proceed with caution. It’s often best to stick with a classy, elegant wristwatch. You’ll get the style and sophistication without the unwanted distraction.

Let Your Bag Do the Talking

Believe it or not, the bag you carry with you into work makes a strong statement about your intentions. While it’s tempting to carry a fashionable purse or handbag, this is a chance to show off your professional side. A simple tote or leather briefcase with hard angles may do a better job of delivering the message you’re hoping to convey.

Never More Than a Pop of Color

Basic greys, blacks, whites, and beiges still rule workplace fashion. This isn’t to say color is bad, but don’t go overboard. When selecting colored accessorizes for your outfit, never go with more than a “pop.” The goal should be to add a flare to your outfit – not overwhelm it.

When in Doubt, Say No

When accessorizing for work, there will be moments when you’ll openly wonder whether or not something is acceptable. And while a case can probably be made for both sides of the argument, it’s best to just say no. Uncertainty and ambiguity will get you in trouble more often than it’ll benefit you. Trust your gut and don’t risk embarrassing yourself over a simple stylistic choice. Stick to the rules of thumb highlighted in this article and you’ll do just fine!

Written by Natalie Bracco for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to

At Sitara, we believe jewelry should be more than the mass-produced baubles too many of us reluctantly buy. Accessories are a personal statement, and they should be created by people who respect jewelry as the wearable art it is. Instead of the ho-hum items you’re used to, imagine slipping on a glorious piece of delicately crafted, lustrous metal studded with dazzling gems. Sitara is about feeling confident, chic and absolutely fabulous.

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