Symbolic Jewelry For Everyday Wear

Whether you want a piece of jewelry to represent your religious beliefs or to protect your body from bad spirits, symbolism can help you make a personal statement. Whether you wear a Hamsa piece, the Yin-Yang symbol, or a Claddagh pendant, you'll find an item that is both meaningful and comfortable to wear. These designs are timeless, and many women will find something to appeal to them in any piece of jewelry.

Yin-Yang symbol

Yin-Yang symbol jewelry is a great choice for any woman who wishes to wear a delicate pendant. Unlike some other jewelry styles, yin-yang necklaces do not have gender specific designs. They can be worn by both men and women. For a woman, a more feminine design will look better on her. Men can opt for a simpler design. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can choose a bolder piece.

The Yin-Yang pendant is a sterling silver piece that represents the harmonious union of the two opposing forces. The pendant features a painted Yin Yang Symbol and an eight-leaf lotus blossom. The pendant represents the balance of opposite energies and is a good choice for anyone who desires to be a part of the universe's harmony. It also represents life's cycles, as both dark and light are a reflection of both the opposite and complementary.

Yin-Yang symbol jewelry has a lot of meaning beyond its pop culture connotations. It represents the two opposing forces in nature and demonstrates that no one force is completely good or completely bad. Neither is completely good or completely bad, as hitting one extreme creates the other. Wearing a Yin-Yang symbol pendant forces discipline into all aspects of your life and prevents bad chi from flowing. The Yin-Yang symbol can help you to develop peace in your love relationships and harmony with your friends.

Cowrie shell

Despite the varying symbolic meanings of Cowrie Shells, they all have similar traits. These ancient shells symbolize the strength of the ocean and the power of the Goddess Yemaya, affectionately known as 'Mommy of Water.' Yemaya is said to be a powerful Goddess who can influence all humans and deities, and she is often seen washing out cowrie shells in celebration and thanks. In fact, cowrie shells were once traded like money throughout the continent.

Because of their high symbolism in African culture, cowrie shells have been used as a symbol of wealth and money for centuries. Before other forms of money became common, cowrie shells were used as a universal form of currency. They were also durable and light, making them a convenient form of currency in trade before metals, paper, and coins were developed. Despite these contrasting uses of Cowrie Shells, the ancient cultures have always had a special place in the world of symbolic jewelry.


The history of Claddagh Symbolic Jewelry reaches back to the 16th century, when an Irish fishing boat was captured by pirates and the young family members were sold into slavery. One of the crew members, Richard Joyce, was a slave in Algiers. He eventually became free and used the gold he accumulated to design his first Claddagh ring. His bride later gave him the ring and it has become a popular piece of Irish jewelry ever since.

The earliest Irish emigrants were Catholics, and the ring was one of the few valuable possessions that survived the Great Famine. Later, the ring became a beloved heirloom for the survivors. These rings were often the only items that survived on the coffin ships. These heirlooms were passed down through the generations, and the rings became the daughter's inheritance. The significance of Claddagh Symbolic Jewelry has become so deep that they are considered a symbol of the Irish identity.

Evil eye

Wearing an evil eye necklace is not only a way to protect yourself from harm, it can also be a powerful fashion statement. While the ancient symbolism behind wearing evil eye jewelry is somewhat archaic, the modern interpretation is as relevant as ever. In fact, many people pair their evil eye jewelry with other protective pieces for extra protection. These necklaces and rings are especially effective because they not only protect you from evil but also bring good luck and protection to those who wear them.

The ancient Greeks, Chinese, and Romans made mention of the evil eye curse, which was a bad look. Often times, this look would be cast out of jealousy or spite, but it could also be used to protect people. The evil eye could be passed from one person to another in countless ways, including through jewelry. Its invisibility makes it particularly powerful. This makes it important to choose a piece of jewelry that is made of genuine gold or silver.

Tree of life

A piece of Tree of Life symbolic jewelry has several meanings. It may represent life, wisdom, ancestry, future, past, and spirituality. A person who chooses to wear a tree-shaped ring can also use it as a fashion statement. No matter what the meaning behind the piece of jewelry is, it is sure to be a wonderful choice for a gift. Tree-shaped ring are available in a variety of styles and materials.

Symbolic jewelry containing the tree of life is popular among many cultures. The implication of this object is spirituality, focus, and awareness. It symbolizes strength and stability, and also implies infinite possibilities. The Tree of Life is a symbol of prosperity. Many people wear it in jewelry to honor the meanings behind it. And if you want a unique piece of jewelry, you can have one made especially for you!

The Tree of Life symbol is ancient and rich in history. The design is often a large tree with spreading branches enclosed within a circle. The tree's roots give the piece balance, while its branches reach into the sky. It also represents a strong family bond and fertility. While there are many interpretations of the Tree of Life symbol, there is no doubt that this design has a long history. And if you're looking for a unique piece of jewelry, look no further than the tree-shaped pendant below.

Laughing Buddha

Symbolic jewelry featuring the Laughing Buddha can help you attract good luck and happiness into your life. The Laughing Buddha is the embodiment of good fortune, happiness, and plenitude. This statue can help you attract prosperity and luck into your home. Whether you're looking to balance your feng shui or merely want to attract good energy, a Laughing Buddha statue is a perfect choice for your home.

The Laughing Buddha can be worn as a pendant, key ring, or bracelet charm. It can also be worn on a backpack or purse to counter the effects of the annual Flying Star. If you wear a Laughing Buddha pendant on your wrist or on your neck, you'll be attracting good fortune and luck to your life. If you have a Laughing Buddha statue on your desk or purse, it can bring good luck to your day.

You can also buy a statue of the Laughing Buddha to wear as a pendant. The Laughing Buddha statue comes in many different poses, and each poses has its own meaning. This statue is believed to represent a Chinese monk who used to give away gifts to children. Because of its jolly smile and protruding tummy, the Laughing Buddha statue is also known as the Happy Buddha.


Crosses are a timeless and popular symbol for women, and jewelry with cross designs is a popular choice among women. The design of a cross is also symbolic of faith, and jewelry incorporating this symbol can express many different meanings. It can mean many things, depending on the individual's personal beliefs. The Greek cross is one of the most popular crosses found in jewelry, and it represents equality and totality. It is also commonly found in jewelry of Eastern and Russian Orthodox Christians.

Although the t-shaped cross is often associated with Christianity, the cross itself was originally used as a torture device. It later came to symbolize the entire religion. Today, many people choose to wear a cross necklace without the lowercase 't' because it has a derivative meaning. In addition to the cross necklace's religious meaning, it's also a symbol of love and forgiveness. Its popularity has contributed to the evolution of jewelry design.


While many people wear this type of jewelry for personal reasons, it has many other meanings, too. The anchor can represent an impediment or barrier that prevents someone from achieving personal growth. Wearing an anchor can also be a sign of courage, and the jewelry often has this meaning. When worn, this type of jewelry indicates a person's connection to their inner self and the value of their core beliefs.

Historically, the anchor is a symbol of love, loyalty, and stability. As an object that attaches itself to the bottom of the sea, the anchor has many meanings. For example, it can represent an unwavering faith in God, and it also represents an ongoing hope for the future. In addition, the anchor represents a connection between masculinity and femininity. The crescent moon inside the anchor represents femininity and the cross stands for masculinity.

Despite its nautical significance, anchors are not used in the sea, but their symbolic meaning has long been recognized. They are commonly used for the safety of boats, and have deep roots in ancient history. In fact, it has been recorded that anchors were used in ancient Rome, but it wasn't until the 7th century that they were first used on land. Today, many celebrities wear anchor-inspired jewelry and clothes, including Victoria Beckham.

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