The Ultimate Guide to Gemstone Jewelry With Healing Properties

Natural gemstones and crystals are good for more than just making pretty jewelry. They're proven to help the flow of positive energy, enhance mind, body, and soul healing, and more! But what metaphysical effects are there really, and which stones are the best choice?

Nature has organically infused different gemstones with healing properties, and their unique colors, textures, and combinations can help you find relief and peace through natural means. If you want to learn more about healing gemstones, their natural properties, and which healing gemstone bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings might be the right fit for you, this article is a must-read!

Raw Stones vs. Tumbled Stones

Before diving into the gemstone healing chart, it's essential to understand the difference between raw stones and tumbled or polished stones. Is one better for engaging the natural energies? Do they have different types of healing energies?

It's believed that:

  • Raw stones have more pure energy since the stone hasn't changed as much from its natural state.
  • Tumbled stones are processed to smooth and polish their surfaces. It's sometimes easier to see the details in the rock when it's tumbled.  

In short, no, there is no difference in the healing energy of the two alternatives. It comes down to personal preference and which style appeals to you aesthetically! 

The Best Gemstones With Healing Properties

To make the best healing gemstone jewelry choice, it helps to understand each stone's specific color and unique properties. The price, sourced location, and availability of these stones may vary throughout the year, but they are all beautiful options with one or more that are sure to suit your needs!


A naturally purple and easily recognizable stone, amethyst is a form of quartz that varies from light lavender to dark purple based on the iron content. This stone is a natural stress reliever, mood balancer, and anger dissipater. If you're feeling drawn to this stone, it's said to indicate that you're seeking a better understanding of life and can help you meditate.


For those looking to find courage, reduce stress, and clear confusion, the tropical blue hues of aquamarine may be the perfect fit. If you’re drawn to the naturally relaxing aura of this stone, you may be hoping to find closure or soothe fears that are holding you back in life.


A phosphate mineral that comes in varying shades of blue-green coloring, this translucent or opaque stone is randomly flecked with dark and light colors. Apatite is wonderful for clearing confusion, stimulating learning, boosting creativity, growing thoughts and ideas, and finding peace and harmony! If this stone calls to you, it's said to mean that you desire change and growth in your life.


A powerful spiritual stone, fluorite can help cleanse auras, boost intellect, neutralize negative energy, increase your concentration, and more. If you're itching to get yourself some fluorite, you may need to spend some time looking within yourself.


If you’re looking to ignite the sparks of love in your life, the deep red of garnet can help you rediscover the passion and sexual attraction in your life. Do you want some garnet? You may be needing to infuse courage and hope back into your daily life.

Lapis Lazuli

If you're hoping to relieve stress, find deep peace, gain inner knowledge, develop self-expression, or be more honest and compassionate, lapis lazuli might be your perfect fit. If you feel drawn to this opaque bright blue and grey flecked stone, you may need a confidence boost or a better bond with someone in your life.


The aptly named moonstone reflects all the peace and calming beauty of her namesake. This beautiful stone can help balance emotions, regulate female cycles, bring good fortune, and spiritual insight. If this stone should be yours, you may be craving a new start or love in your life.


The gemstone healing properties in onyx are perfect for those needing protection from negativity, easing grief, and boosting fertility. If you're feeling pulled towards this deep, dark stone, you may need to heal or let go of something in your life. 


This iridescent gift from the ocean is perfect for those who value purity, honesty, integrity, and wisdom above all else. If you love pearls, you may be looking to add more tranquility and innocence to your life.

Clear and Smoky Quartz

This clear, sparkling stone is a versatile and powerful stone for healing that can be used for any condition you may be suffering. Quartz can stimulate your immune system, balance your body, and cleanse your soul. Feeling pulled towards quartz may mean you have spiritual or bodily ailments that could use a little boost.

Rose Quartz

The pink cousin of the clear and smoke-colored alternatives, rose quartz is the lover's stone, known for nurturing unconditional love to all who wear her. Being drawn to rose quartz means that you long for acceptance, forgiveness, and harmony in all the relationships in your life.

Smoky Quartz

If you suffer from fear, depression, or anxiety, smoky quartz can help you find your serenity. If you’re feeling pulled towards this mysterious stone, you may need help finding positive thoughts, focus, and concentration.

Where to Start

Are you ready to add some healing gemstone jewelry to your wardrobe to take the healing effects into every part of your life? The best place to start is identifying where you could lead a little extra support and then choosing the jewelry piece that fits your lifestyle best. There are even powerful gemstone combination pieces that can amplify the effects even more!

For more information on gemstones with healing properties and gemstone jewelry in general, check out our insightful and informative blog. If you have any questions about our jewelry or our collections, contact us!

It's important to note that while these stones are powerful, natural allies, this article's statements don't qualify as medical advice. If you're suffering from severe ailments or discomfort, it's always best to seek professional medical advice or assistance.


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