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What Makes Handcrafted Raw Gemstone Jewelry Special?

Healing Gemstone Jewelry

Wearing handcrafted raw gemstone jewelry not only exudes elegance, beauty, and style but it also comes with different benefits for your health and your overall quality of life. Whether you plan to collect some yourself or give your partner healing gemstone jewelry as a present, read on to see why you’re making the right choice.

What Makes Handcrafted Raw Gemstone Jewelry Special?

More than being fancy jewelry, handcrafted raw gemstone jewelry offers healing properties. It promotes positive energy and helps soothe your soul, mind, and body. Raw stones provide more energy too, given that the natural state of the stone is preserved.

Wearing handcrafted healing gemstone jewelry also adds a personal touch. You can choose a gemstone that matches your personality or goals, keeping you motivated to achieve them.

Top Healing Gemstone Jewelry

Wondering what gemstones to choose for your handcrafted gemstone jewelry? We’ve created a list for you.


As hinted by its name, the moonstone mirrors a feeling of silence and tranquility. This stone is not only alluring but it also bids many benefits such as good fortune, spiritual enlightenment, female cycle regulation, and emotional stability. If you seek this stone, then perhaps you are yearning for a new chapter or romance in your life.


The aquamarine, with its tropical blue shade, helps draw out fortitude, clarity, and serenity. The comforting aura of this gemstone is perfect for those seeking to conquer their fear or attain closure in life.


Popularly known for its purple tint, which may vary in intensity from light lavender to dark purpose, the amethyst is a stone that specializes in regulating one’s emotions. Particularly, it alleviates stress, anger, and emotional instability. If you’re drawn to this quartz stone, you might be someone looking for a deeper appreciation of your life.


Onyx is the ideal gemstone for those who are hurting as it contains healing and protective components. The gemstone offers relief against pessimism and melancholy, as well as helps in augmenting fertility. If you find yourself drawn to this pitch black stone, you might be in need of emotional relief and resolution.

Lapis Lazuli

For people who wish to discover inner peace, attain deeper understanding, improve self-expression, reduce tension, and become more trustworthy and empathetic, lapis lazuli is the ideal choice. This misty gemstone, dabbed in shades of blue and gray, captivates those who long for more confidence and stronger personal relationships.

Final Thoughts

From moonstone and aquamarine, amethyst, onyx, lapis lazuli, and more, you can choose different gemstones for various intentions. Wearing these beautiful healing gemstone jewelry pieces will help elevate not only your style but also your life.

Whether you’re looking for rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, Sitara Jewelry has you covered. Check out our page to find handmade healing gemstone jewelry that’s perfect for your needs.

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