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Zarna Apatite, Crystal and Garnet Pendant Necklace

Carry the energy of three powerful minerals in your chest with our Zarna Apatite, Crystal, and Garnet Pendant Necklace. Enjoy their spiritual and physical benefits while looking radiant and feeling sexy.

Clear quartz crystal inspires and attracts love. Garnet is January’s birthstone and is known for its strong curative powers and for balancing energy. Apatite helps with spiritual shifts and enlightenment. The natural minerals are set in textured brass with gold plating making for a luxurious, rough look.

The Zarna Apatite, Crystal, and Garnet Pendant Necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry to add a bold, statement element to your outfits and feel in contact with your inner goddess.


  • Gemstones: Apatite + Crystal + Garnet
  • Metal; Nickel-free brass with gold overlay
  • Handcrafted drop pendant necklace with natural gemstones apatite, crystal, and garnet.
  • Sustainably sourced
  • We donate 5% of every purchase to the Helping Children Succeed Foundation.


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